“Forced Religiousness in India” – Sonu Nigam Rages on Twitter

“Forced Religiousness in India” – Sonu Nigam Rages on Twitter

This morning veteran (and active) Bollywood singer Sonu Nigam started his day on Twitter with a thoroughly logical (yet not so politically correct) set of tweets targeting the Azaan said by Islamic community. The Azaan is the call for prayer of Muslims which is usually performed by the priests of the mosques in India and around the world. It is repeated five times a day keeping up with the tradition of five times prayer (namaaz) as dictated by Qoran. In cities and towns around the world, Azaan is synonymous with the Muslim community and brotherhood protecting the religious freedom in countries like India and ensuring the Sharia in countries like UAE.

However, that all does not and can not blind one to the fact that religious freedom can not come at the price of being a discomfort to others, non religious beings, which Sonu pointed out in his following tweets:





Twitterati as always got divided in two to discuss the matter on hands. While some pointed fingers at Sonu himself for being biased towards other religions like Hinduism for example who use loudspeakers to blare their Bhajans, Aartis in their religious celebrations and processions, while some applauded him for speaking out loud against the political correctness of liberals and in favour of the Aam Aadmi of the country. Some of the responses are as follows:

While celebrities like Richa Chadda too got into the debate and asked the offended people to hold their horses and react rationally to Sonu’s comments:

In a rapidly changing world, these tweets and the reactions to them came as the continuous approval of the rapidly increasing gaps between people and thought schools. However Sonu has not reacted to anyone commenting anything about this debacle yet. Let’s say the position he has craved for himself in people’s hearts, he does not need to play the defense game anymore.

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