Firangi new song Oye Firangi released: Kapil Sharma becomes a Firangi

The new song from the movie Firangi has been released and has been titles “Oye Firangi”. The movie is scheduled to be released on 24th November 2017. The video released calls Kapil Sharma, a Firangi, which means that he is a foreigner in his own village as he goes to work for the Britishers through his will, something that is frowned upon by others. The video also shows the character’s quirks and mannerisms. The video also shows other characters and his love interest and we see him willing service the British authority while being completely honest and innocent about it.

There had been social media buzz surrounding the movie as Kapil’s comedy show, Comedy nights with Kapil  has been off air for sometime and he has been mired in controversies with Sunil grover since then. This will be an opportunity for Kapil to make a mark again on people and let them know that he hasn’t lost any of his charm and humor and that he can still lead a movie by himself, without any help from a strong sidekick.

The video is beautiful and the song is also very catchy, and should be played by people in their homes or with their friends.




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