Firangi movie review: A funny, slight movie

Firangi movie review: A funny, slight movie

Firangi movie is comedy drama directed by Rajiev Dhingra, and starring the comedian Kapil Sharma, and Ishita Dutta. It is the story of Manga, an innocent man who supports the Britishers in India, 1920, and wants to get admission in the force. It is about his realization about their brutalities against his village people and the citizens of India. All of this is expected from a movie set in colonial India, but the spark of irreverent humor and romance that Kapil Sharma injects in the movie is unexpected and that’s what makes it a success. The movie doesn’t have much to say apart from the usual pro-nationalist message and light comedy entertainment, but its way of portraying the characters, both British and Indian, feels very real in its absurdity.

Kapil’s performance hews close to his comedic persona’s but also makes attempts for a deeper feeling, and he’s successful at portraying an innocent, romantic and later on, a determined hero. However, the real breakout of Firangi is Ishita Dutta, who plays the role of Sargi, the usual ” Love Interest” but she’s so talented that her grace, and emotion even overshadow the main protagonist.

The movie deserves to be seen at least once, but she might be the most prominent reason to watch it.

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