FIR lodged against Veteran actor Jeetendra for assaulting his cousin 47 years ago

FIR lodged against Veteran actor Jeetendra for assaulting his cousin 47 years ago

Veteran actor of Bollywood, Jeetendra has been booked for allegedly assaulting his cousin 47 years ago in Shimla. His cousin has alleged that Jeetendra had assaulted her in her hotel room while he was in town for the shooting of a movie. Umapati Jamwal, Shimla’s superintendent of Police said that the FIR had been lodged under the section 354 IPC, at the Chotta Shimla Police station. She said that the cousin had sent them a written compliant after they reached out to her when she wrote the email. Jeetendra is the son of her father’s sister.

According to the accuser, Jeetendra met her at her hotel room, joined her in the twin bed and the proceeded to sexually assault her. The investigation for the case is going to continue according to the rules that had existed during 1970s, and under the section that the compliant has been lodged. The name of the hotel where the sexual assault took place has not been made public yet.

Jeetendra and his lawyer have vehemently denied the allegations, and as per the statement that was published in January, “Such baseless, ridiculous and fabricated claims cannot be entertained by any court of law or the law enforcement agencies after a span of almost 50 years. The Statute has provided a justice delivery system through the Courts,” the letter also points out that, “Limitation Act 1963 was specifically enacted to ensure that all genuine complaints are made within a maximum time limit of three years, so that a proper investigation is carried out and timely justice is delivered.”


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