Faster Fene movie review: An intriguing mystery thriller

Faster Fene movie review: An intriguing mystery thriller

Amey Wagh doesn’t look like your typical movie star, not does he kicks and jumps or flies like superstar. But, he has an honesty as an actor that most of them would kill to ever achieve, and this makes him a perfect match for the delightfully intriguing Faster Fene, directed by Aditya Sarpotdar. The movie is schedules to be released on 27 October 2018, and everyone looking for an entertaining and thought provoking movie should absolutely see. The movie is about a genius named Banesh Fene, who gets embroiled in the mysterious dead of a boy he just and which causes him to find other, darker truths.

The movie is very realistic, even as the baffling pile of evidence and Villains is a bit strange, but the characters make the plot believable, making us care for them and root for Fene. The cinematograhy is lovely to look at but not glossy. The music is propulsive and ratchets up the tension whenever Fene is close to finding a clue or danger.

The movie, however is a man who doesn’t have the looks of a model, but has the brain of a scientist, and who is kind and good to people, always caring for them and that is why the movie is successful.

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