Farhan Akhtar dismisses rumors of Don 3, asks not to raise expectations of fans

Farhan Akhtar dismisses rumors of Don 3, asks not to raise expectations of fans
Written by Abhishek Rana

Farhan Akhtar has dismissed the rumors that have been floating around on social media about the casting of Don 3. According to some reports Shah Rukh Khan had been finalized to return for the sequel, and that Farhan is going to play a cop who is trying to catch him. The movie was reported for 2020 release and it was also reported that Priyanka Chopra wouldn’t be returning for the movie. Addressing such rumors, Farhan wrote on Twitter, “Request those who conjure up news about without any fact checking to please refrain. It is not fair to raise expectations of the films fanbase via false news.”

It seems to suggest that the “Fanbase” that Farhan is referring to could be Shah Rukh Khan’s immense fandom. It could be possible that Farhan is trying to keep the expectations of the fans to a minimal, in case the deal doesn’t work, or Shah Rukh doesn’t return for the franchise.

It should be noted that the Don franchise has been successful party because of Shah Rukh’s performance, and even people who don’t like the movies, have praised him. If he doesn’t return it could turn off a large chunk of audiences. But, as Farhan himself said, there is not point in speculating, unless no one has been approached for a role yet, and things could remain the same. It’s best to believe Farhan for now.


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