En Peyar Surya en veedu India movie review: Allu Arjun has a blockbuster here to cherish

En Peyar Surya en veedu India movie review: Allu Arjun has a blockbuster here to cherish
Allu Arjun starrer ‘ Naa Peru Surya’ has been dubbed in Tamil by the name of ‘En Peyar Surya’. Essentially made in Telugu, film has gotten a massive release in Tamil Nadu as well considering the huge fan following Allu has in the region. In the form of mass entertainment, this film delivers the punches on point and makes sure that audience doesn’t get a boring moment. People might get a moment they don’t like but it wouldn’t be difficult to pass the time in it as the efforts are timeless. One can clearly point out that there are short but many scenes in the film to make it look huge as this is a popular screenplay technique. Christopher Nolan is the pioneer of this form of screenplay and director here as used it very well.
Allu’s performance might just be his career best as he totally dwelled into the role. He kept his bleeding stardom aura in place but still gave the personality of a character which was very encouraging as far as acting is concerned. Allu took the top notch rhythm which must have been taking a lot of energy and survived it through the entire duration of the film. Obviously he danced and how, entire theater in Andhra Pradesh must be rocking to his beats. To give such a controlled performance of an army officer despite of the fact that character is very outbursting is no child’s play.
Direction is very peculiar and carves the edges out of this film. There are a number of scenes constructed with high intensity that would be shocking the hairs on the body to no extent. Story is quite simple and narrative is linear but impact of dialogues is way too much to let it be. Allu knows how to look directly in the camera and stay confident while delivering long lines of words. Overall this film should be seen to get entertained all through out.

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