Emma Watson starrer “The Circle” gets a release date in India.

Emma Watson starrer “The Circle” gets a release date in India.
Written by Ravleen Khera

Sci-fi thriller “The Circle”, starring Tom Hanks and Emma Watson is scheduled to release in India on May 19, a little later than its premiere in other parts of the world. The film has been directed by James Ponsoldt and is based on Dave Eggers’s book with the same name.

Catch the trailer of the film here and see how it relates to all of us in the modern days.


The film is centered around Mae Holland (Emma Watson), a young tech worker who is delighted to secure a job at a powerful tech and social media company called The Circle, who initially seem to provide useful tools for a modern world and also a splendid environment for its employees. But soon, as she rises through the ranks she finds herself participating in a boundary-pushing experiment that leaves her in a dilemma over the ethics of privacy, surveillance and security, with her decisions capable of altering the entire future history of humanity. The film addresses multiple modern technological issues like “What happens when a company has access to all your private data, how can that be used?”, “When you have power to change the world, is it possible to go too far?” and “Even with the best intentions, innovation in the wrong hands can lead to corruption”.

The trailer also shows the ways in which the company transforms Mae’s life, for example by bringing her family onto its health plan to assist with her father’s multiple sclerosis.

The film has Tom Hanks indulging in a rare villainous role, playing the company’s founder, alongside John Boyega of Star Wars fame, Karen Gillan, Patton Oswalt and Boyhood’s Ellar Coltrane.

The Circle surely looks like a scary glimpse into our possible future and how absolute power can turn into a dangerous weapon, in these social media obsessed times we’re living in.

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