Ee Ma Yau movie review: Haunting and emotionally satisfying

Ee Ma Yau movie review: Haunting and emotionally satisfying

Ee Ma Yau, directed by Lijo Jose Pellissery and starring, Vinayakan, Chemban Vinod, Dileesh Pothen and Pauly valsan, among others, is a haunting and emotionally satisfying work of art that really stays with you after the credits have rolled and you have exited the theater. The movie is about death, but it is not an exercise in being miserable. The story of a father and son, and how death lingers at a place and changes the behabiob of people and their rwlarelation with each other, is nuanced, and without any unnecessary melodramatic twists. The director immerses in the life of the characters, that we don’t need to be told what to feel at certain points of the movie.

The actors are all aware of the wavelength on which the movie operates, so there are no scene stealing moments or any other showcase thar feels just shoehorned in. Everything and every character has a purpose, however little their screen time might be.

The sense if very strong in the movie, and it is because of the connection of people with what they call home, which add another layer to the movie. It could have gone wrong, with multiple monologues and dramatic music,but instead the movie is immensely satisfying in its silences and says something profound about love, loss and life, which every movie goer is going to keep with them after leaving the theater.

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