EE. MA. YAU Movie Review: Crime Thriller of Lijo Jose Pellissery

EE. MA. YAU Movie Review: Crime Thriller of Lijo Jose Pellissery
Written by Shilpi Gupta

A brilliant revenge drama, an experimental crime thriller, a divine comedy, I think words are less to explain EE. MA. YAU movie of Mollywood. The expectations with EE. MA. YAU is very high when Lijo Jose Pellissery’s film, reaches theatres today. The familiar faces of Mollywood industry, Chemben Vinod, Dileesh Pothan, and Vinayakan T. K. are in the lead role in the action Malayalam movie. Rajesh George is the producer and P. F. Mathews is the writer while Prashant Pillai is worked as a musician in EE. MA. YAU. The director, Lijo Jose Pellissery earlier said “The treatment of a EE. MA. YAU is all depended on the script, However, I try not to repeat myself. As if I stick to a single pattern, the process becomes easy and I will lose the interest in the movie.”

Ahead to the movie, the shooting of the film was completed in just 18 days, its a record in itself. The story revolves around the death of Vavachan Mesthiri in a coastal village. Kainakary Thankaraj plays the central character in the film. A three-time state award winner, Actor Kainakary Thankaraj had played a role of Kalabhavan Mani’s brother in the movie named as Amen. Pauly Valsan also working in a lead role in the movie, she too is also a famous in the Mollywood as a great performer. Her slang and dialect for the film EE. MA. YAU. was perfectly performed.

the movie is a sound-based, a Renganaath Ravee who is worked on the sound design for the film and Prashant coming up with songs that blend with the soundscape. The director loves to work with Prashant Pillai and he also said earlier that usually discuss cinema and movies with him. The movie is worth to watch with your friends and family and enjoy the action, drama, and suspense of the new style of Lijo Jose Pellissery.

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