Early Man movie review: A stone age film that should have been left there

Early Man movie review: A stone age film that should have been left there

Early Man is a stop motion animation sports comedy which is about a family in stone ages who are reflecting upon the times when the age is coming to an end and the bronze age has started to cast it’s spell on people. Stone age was a particularly simpler times because the men were not so greedy as there was not much to be greedy about in the first place but bronze age had kings and servants which would go to bad lengths in order to achieve their goals and this is the problem faced by caveman family.

Studio canal has tried to pull off a 90 minute animation film in $50 millions which looks on screen as the film cuts corners and hardly a treat to eyes when films like Paddington exist. British have never been so brilliant with animation film but the talent of voice used in this film is incredible. Two times academy award winner Eddie Redmayne plays Doug who is a younger cave man from the stone age. Tom Hiddleston plays the baddie which is Lord Nooth, a cruel leader from the bronze age and Maisie Williams who is widely known to play the character of Arya Stark in Game of Thrones plays a bronze age, good hearted lady call Goona.

Nick Park’s direction s so extremely casual that the film would not appeal to anyone above the age of nine with an average IQ. Unfortunately a lot of 9 year old’s don’t go to movies buy themselves after buying tickets, story and screenplay of the film is far to simplistic to be given any expression of cinema. The idea of a football match to resolve the problem is a cliche though it was intended to be an important plot point in the film and this is where it all starts to fall off. Overall this film is certainly not the experience worth having in cinema halls.

Early Man movie review
  • Early Man movie review

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