Dwayne Johnson’s ‘Skyscraper’ trailer is disastrous about a semi-disaster

Dwayne Johnson’s ‘Skyscraper’ trailer is disastrous about a semi-disaster
Written by Shubham Dwivedi

Universal just released the trailer of Dwayne Johnson starring Skyscraper and nothing has ever been so full of cliche. Johnson plays a former FBI officer who is missing a leg due to  bomb blast but now works as a ‘glorified security guard’ in the tallest most advanced building in the world. Dwayne and his family has been given a whole floor up there but due to some conspiracy reason it gets on fire and his family’s security is a matter of grave threat which can only be saved by him.

Somehow there are no cops or air force in the film despite of the fact that a whole floor is burning up of the most prestigious modern infrastructure and Johnson has to be the superhero who saves the day with one leg. Last shot of the trailer has him jumping the height of a million floors from a crane towards the building and the parabola sugges that he will not get even to the half of that distance but since he is Dwayne Johnson, he will live. Dwayne doe snot have to worry about acting because he does not do characters at all, it’s always him.

Johnson has one of the most sequential filmography in all of entertainment because there is hardly any change. His WWE popularity has made him a beloved entertainer but acting is so much more than this. Entertainment is the most basic thing an actor provide because camera is set very obviously on him and people in the cinema halls are watching him and nothing else and even then if he can’t engage than he needs VFX like Dwayne Johnson does. He has almost vowed to not do a film where he has to actually play something he is not and his physicality overpowers him in performance or a mere public appearance he does.

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