Dwayne Johnson’s ‘Skyscraper’ teaser out, raining hell in and on film

Dwayne Johnson’s ‘Skyscraper’ teaser out, raining hell in and on film
Written by Shubham Dwivedi

One of the many teasers released during Super Bowl is Dwayne Johnson’s semi-disaster movie Skyscraper. Johnson plays a FBI officer in the film who is on the run with his one actual and one machine leg because he is framed by some bad guys. Now there is a magnificent fire in the tallest building in the world and Johnson has to save his family primarily and maybe others but he has only got one working leg to pull it off where he has to beat fire and monumental infrastructure.

VFX of the film is money not spent well or the teaser was released in a hurry before VFX artists could complete their job to cash in on the hype of super bowl. Cinema is not complicated for Johnson because he has never really played a character in the film ever and acts only like himself which is the aspect of visual circumstances pulled by his gigantic physique. Dwayne only play a tough guy and mostly with a good heart because he would not want a negative image character in any of hos film, he has to be the good guy.

Instead of making this film a realistic thriller, which it could very well be as a fire in the building is a completely normal scenario and can happen to anybody but Dwayne The Rock Johnson with makers of the film figured out a way to make it look like a low budget superhero film. Cinema is over a 100 years old and many people have fallen off the building in many scenes which is why probably director failed to give any new thrill into this aspect of the genre but than why do it in the first place. Anyways Chinese market always exists to save the failure of Johnson’s films and give it some decent box office collections.

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