Dwayne Johnson starrer ‘Rampage’ trailer is dumber than an illiterate Gorilla!!

Dwayne Johnson starrer ‘Rampage’ trailer is dumber than an illiterate Gorilla!!

Dwayne almost wants to prove that he can do dumb films and make good box office out of them to attempt dumber. Chickens are going to come home for roast someday and Johnson is pushing his look too far. One wonders what his meetings for films must be like perhaps they are discussing how stupid can they go with their film and still earn some revenue out of it but a man needs to sleep at night and for that Dwayne works out in the gym or else his guilt would not let him have a cheat day.

Johnson was a startling entertainer as a wrestler but he can’t act to save his life if somebody put a gun to his head. Dwayne’s argument would be that he has muscles enough to save himself but he certainly can’t save a drowning career with those quads that he so happily shows off in every film instead of actually sit down in front of a mirror and try to make 3 different expressions because he will fail so bad that he perhaps never will be able to insult a movie camera with his irritating presence.

Why did not the makers of this film called it ‘Gorilla reboot’ is beyond faith. There is absolutely nothing new in this film which one has not seen in King Kong only better. How zoned out one has to be to make sure that they make a film on big monkey destroying a city and everyone is going to appreciate the novelty of this concept. This very theme started in 1933 in Hollywood and thanks almighty that Dwayne was not there to destroy something which would still be relevant after almost a 100 years. Rampage is not even a film, it was a bad game of some kind which nobody cares about but Dwayne is after them since Jumanji has worked on the box office.

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