Drishtikone movie review: Prosenjit delivers a fantastic performance in a nuanced narrative

Drishtikone movie review: Prosenjit delivers a fantastic performance in a nuanced narrative
Written by Shubham Dwivedi

Drishtikone is certainly one of the best films to have come out of Bengali cinema in last few years. Narrative of the film is incredibly poetic and atmospheric which somehow gives great depths to each and every character. Makers could not have asked for a better casting when superstar Prosenjit himself is at his brilliance. He portrays a man who could not see from one eye and hence gets used to notice things in the dark which he also uses a metaphor in the story. His relationship with the lady is perhaps the most intriguing part of the film.

Screenplay of the film is near perfect or maybe it is direction which makes it look perfectly woven together in sequence. Every inch of the film breathes a new life to the syntax and serves the right kind of justice to the writing. It was a beautiful blend of every cinematic department coming together and do their bit at the best of their abilities. Lighting and cinematography is world class and merges with editing to set a hallucinating drug like tone of the film with which an alert audience member will flow.

Maybe not the film but it might just be Prosenjit’s best performance to date. The subtlety he brought on to the screen was rather incredible and also maintained an arc instead of making it a one dimensional sober performance. Tonality of the film is nearly musical and flows with time which would not let the viewer realize the length of the film. Editing is perhaps one of the best part of the film with the breathtakingly haunting background score that just gives it a scene a whole new dimension in the parallel universe. It allows viewers to be the part of mystery but still invest in the emotional turmoil of the characters. Overall this should be seen by as many people as possible in cinemas.

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