Downsizing movie review: Matt Damon really shrinks for Alexander Payne

Downsizing movie review: Matt Damon really shrinks for Alexander Payne
Written by Shubham Dwivedi

Downsizing is a relatively real science fiction film about the concept of decreasing the size of a human to 5 inches and see what kind of earth would that be. Matt Damon and Kristen Wiig play a couple from Omaha who is having some financial issues in their life. In one of their high school re union they meet their friends, a couple who have downsized themselves to 5 inches 15 years ago and they are living a life of more financial pleasures as they are barely spending. Matt and Kristen’s character decide to downsize themselves and as Matt undergoes the procedure he realizes that Kristen’s character opted out and the story takes a new turn from their.

Alexander Payne could be called as one of the most consistent director in the history of world cinema as his filmography does not have a badly reviewed film and nothing is going to change with this one. Damon performed his character brilliantly as he does and gives one of the best performance of his career as a 5 inch man. Kristen’s character has a lot of layers to herself as the role is very gray but she is able to make that relate-able.

Alexander Payne is one of the most genius minds in the world of cinema as the rhythm in his film does not have a substitute. Screenplay is extremely original and provides a deeper insight into the reality of the world if we make it ideal. Payne’s film argues the point of the messed up reality of a human being and if that’s how it is meant to be. To change the nature has always been destructive for mankind emotionally and practically so that’s what Payne does in this film by recollecting the ideal scenarios which exist in human heads and asks people to face the problem head on. Overall Downsizing is definitely worth a watch.

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