Downsizing Movie Review: An Amazing Sci-fi comedy about small people

Downsizing Movie Review: An Amazing Sci-fi comedy about small people

Downsizing is Amazing English drama movie with some scientific twists. It is directed by Alexander Payne and produced by Alexander Payne, Jim Taylor, Mark Johnson, Megan Ellison and Jimmy Burke. And stars Matt Damon, Christoph Waltz and Hong Chau in the lead roles. Downsizing movie follows a story of the occupational and kind therapist who figured out how human beings can reduce their footprint and save earth from the overpopulation. Alexander Payne and Matt Damon’s names are enough to make the movie interesting and entertaining. It is the highly recommended movie of the week on this Christmas Eve.

Downsizing Movie Review: Downsizing movie is garnering a lot of love from the audiences as well as critics. It has marked the breaking performance of the actors like Matt Damon and Christoph Waltz. Downsizing movie is the Scientific-Fiction entertainer drama comes up with Matt Damon. The story of the movie revolves around a society where overpopulation issue is killing the earth. In the accordance of that, the actor Matt Damon comes up with a new discovery. He discovers a new technique to shrink people into small inches. The new Scientific-technique shrink people up to 4 inches. However, it is a huge success so, Paul Safranek and his wife are attracted to this process.

Paul Safranek and his wife decided to undergo Downsizing but, if everything goes right and the story starts from then. It is more interesting scientific drama which attracts audiences with a good storyline. However, its hard to say the first half is good, but I am sure you will enjoy the second half of the movie. It good entertaining drama with wonderfull weird scientific twists. It is sci-fi drama blended well with entertainment and fun for Children’s. Overall, Downsizing movie has a good sense of story along with scientific discovery which makes it more entertaining.

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