Donald Trump lashes out on U.S. economical aid to Pakistan

Donald Trump lashes out on U.S. economical aid to Pakistan

In a tweet, U.S. President Donald Trump mentioned that U.S. has been foolish enough to provide Pakistan more than 33 billion dollars in financial aids on several occasion and all Pakistan ever did was lied and deceit-ed American leaders. Trump also mentioned that Pakistan is a safe haven for terrorists that America goes with an army and fights in Afghanistan. Pakistan has shared some extremely white lies about not having any relation to the top most terrorists and organizations of the world. Where in the entire world knows that Pakistani government is very radical in it’s ways and provides hide outs to soldiers of terror.

During the presidency of Barack Obama, American special ops caught Osama in Karachi, Pakistan and that’s the only help given from Pakistan government to world regarding terrorism. One certainly can’t undermine the importance of this but they made it a cover to not get pointed out when they hide other dangerous terrorists in their country and government literally takes safety money from them. in a way a super part of Pakistan’s economy is completely off the list because it is funded by black money from terrorist organization. The administration of Trump has put 255 million dollars aid on hold that was suppose to be given to Islamabad as the country provides no help in hunting them radical people.

Republicans rejoice as it is one of the very few things mentioned by Trump which is not tone-deaf socio-politically. The issue addressed here is of utmost importance to most  of the world because the terrorists Pakistan hides are the same ones that go and bomb Paris as well as Asia. Indian government should also support this causality with open facts as to how their neighboring country is extremely dangerous and so full of falseness. Trump perhaps will not relieve the aid amount to Pakistan government unless they address this issue with some truth.

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