Dobaara: See your evil movie review- Can a mirror be scary?

Dobaara: See your evil movie review- Can a mirror be scary?

Huma Qureshi’s movie Dobaara got finally released today. The movie revolves around the story of a brother sister duo who grow up scarred. They got separated from each other as 11 year old and Kabir gets locked up in a mental facility for counselling because everyone suspects him to have committed a murder. Then after a period of 10 years they get united and this time the caring sister decided to find the culprit of their parents murder. She even decides to kill the murderer and exonerate their family name.

Natasha(Huma) asks herself that how can a mirror be a ghost or even a haunting thing? The question always wanders in her mind that who killed her mother, her father or her brother. Things take a drastic turn when her father brings home a haunted mirror. Due to this mirror, all their lives gets torn and as a result Kabir is committed to psychiatric care.

Then the brother-sister duo doesn’t get any solution they decide to destroy the mirror but as it is said things don’t work out according to our will. The ghost Madaline who resides in the mirror has something planned for them already.

The movie is said to be a remake of the Hollywood horror film Oculus released in the year 2014. Dobaara shows ome moments of fear,apprehension, dread and scare. The movie is shown in complete flashback format and is obviously above the usual horror movies. The movie is a mixture of illusions and nightmares that the duo see each time they look into the mirror that is said to be haunted.

Cast and Crew

Huma Qureshi
Saqib Saleem
Lisa Ray
Adil Husain
Prawaal Raman as director
Leena Tandon as the director

For the first time the real life brother sister Huma Qureshi and Saqib Saleem has been seen sharing the silver screen. It was a good experience for Saqib Saleem sharing screen with her sister Huma Qureshi.

For who have not yet seen the movie and the trailer:

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