Disney Announces Release Dates of Frozen 2, Star Wars, The lion King, Gigantic, and More

Disney Announces Release Dates of Frozen 2, Star Wars, The lion King, Gigantic, and More
Written by Aiman

On Tuesday, the Disney Studios announced release dates for a string of high profile movies, including Star Wars Episode IX, The Lion King and Frozen 2. In 2016, Disney had the biggest box office year of any studio in the history of time. While the studio actually has fewer films planned in 2017, almost every single one of them is poised to be a major blockbuster. And then, of course, there’s everything they have planned after that. Between all the different studios that Disney owns, there’s a nearly endless stream of movies planned for the rest of this decade.

Episode IX, slated to be released this year, will hit the screens on May 24, 2019. As previously revealed, it will be released in 3D. Jurassic World‘s will be directed by Colin Trevorrow.

The new, still-untitled fifth Indiana Jones movie, previously set for July 19, 2019, will now hit the big screen July 10, 2020. Superstar Harrison Ford is set to return in his much loved avatar as the thrill seeking archaeologist, and Steven Spielberg will be directing.

Director Rich Moore‘s Ralph Breaks the Internet: Wreck-It Ralph 2 gets an seventh-month delay, moving from March 9, 2018 to November 21, 2018. It will also be released in 3D. The delay will definitely be disappointing for fans of the video game villain.

A Wrinkle in Time, also set for 3D, arrives a little sooner. The Ava Duvernay film was previously set for an April 6, 2018 release and it will now debut March 9, 2018.

The much awaited Frozen 2 also finally has a release date – November 27, 2019, and it’s poised to, once again, be a certifiably bonkers, all-out, all-consuming cultural phenomenon. Frozen was the highest grossing animated movie of all time, and the much anticipated sequel will release six years after the spectacular success of Frozen.

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