Disha Patani cast in Salman Khan’s Bharat

Disha Patani cast in Salman Khan’s Bharat

Disha Patani has been cast in the Salman Khan’s Bharat. The movie is being directed by Ali Abbas Zafar, and also stars Priyanka Chopra in the lead role. Disha is going to play a trapeze artist in a circus. The movie is scheduled to release Eid 2019. Disha has been experiencing a steady rise in the industry, especially after the success of Baaghi 2. Although, she isn’t to be credited for it, and she got only mediocre reviews for her performance, its true that she has benefited from the project. An now, she has bagged a big project that is surely going to be in headlines for a long time until its release.

Bharat is based on the Korean movie, Ode to my father and is an ambitious undertaking for the makers, as it will track the journey of a single character through the years. Salman has already started shooting the movie, and Priyanka is reportedly going to join him soon.

Perhaps, the biggest news from the projects has been that it will be the Bollywood comeback of the acclaimed actress, who went away to United States to star in her television series Quantico. The show has now been cancelled, after its three seasons because of poor ratings. It seems that Priyanka is going to have a significant role in the movie, while Disha is supporting. However, this matters little, because the star of the project is Salman Khan, and he is going to lead the larger chunk of the narrative. The presence of Priyanka is only going to boost the visibility for the movie, as she has a wider fanbase now, and is guaranteed to be a hit, thus making her return truly triumphant.

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