Diljit Dosanjh’s Rangroot to release on March 23 2018

Diljit Dosanjh’s Rangroot to release on March 23 2018

Diljit Dosanjh’s Rangroot will be released on March 23 2018. It is directed by Pankaj Batra, and is going to come out on the death anniversary of the freedom revolutionary, Bhagat Singh. Diljit has quickly become one of the most acclaimed and liked actors in India. The singer who started his career in Punjab, gained a lot of attention in the acclaimed movie, Udta Punjab. His performance as an ignorant inspector to someone who is concerned and needs to find and destroy the drug dealers in the state was loved by many, resulting in awards from almost all the shows. And now, offers seem to be falling on his lap, as he is going to be seen in the movie Welcome to New york, which is scheduled to be released on February.

But even though he is getting a lot of attention for his acting skills, he has not left singing, as was evidence with the release of his new song last year, El Sueno. The song has a Spanish inflection and was loved by many people for mixing up different styles and a very gorgeous music video.

The song has been seen on YouTube many times and is considered his best song. Diljit will also be seen in the biopic, Soorma. The movie is based on the life and times of Sandeep Singh, who was unable to walk after being accidentally shot in  a train. It was only two years later that he was able to walk and became one of the most astonishing players in Indian Hockey history. The film is one of the most anticipated projects of the year, and will surely be a successful endeavor for him and other people involved.

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