Dileep and Siddharth poster ‘Kammara Sambhavam’ posts a deadly new poster

Dileep and Siddharth poster ‘Kammara Sambhavam’ posts a deadly new poster
Written by Shubham Dwivedi

Tamil film actor Siddharth is making his debut in Malayalam films with ‘Kammara Sambhavam’ in which he is playing the lead antagonist. Reports are not confirmed yet but Siddharth might be playing a double role in the film. Casting him is a two way advantageous road as the film is also getting a benefit from him due to his stardom in Tamil films, which is why makers are constantly coming out of his individual character posters. Siddharth will be doing his own voice in Malayalam instead of calling for a dubbing artist.

He is dressed as an army men and the film is set in British colonized India and Dileep is the protagonist who will fight for his people against the oppressors. Despite of the fact that Malayalam films don’t get as much budget as a tent pole Hindi, Tamil and Telugu ones, makers have managed to make the film look grand and stylistically sound by their superior technical achievements. Film is colored in a beautiful way and the war sequences look legit instead of bad animation which is mostly the case with Hindi films and several others as well.

Makers have not left one stone to make the film look of international standard so it could play in other markets as well to earn big box office. History has seen some revolutions in cinema around the world at certain points in time and Malayalam film industry is having it right now. This film might be an important one in the history when it is written about the boom of Malayalam cinema in 21 st century but would depend highly on the content of the film. Siddharth is a visionary himself as an actor and a producer and would not sign a film if it only has a weekend in it and the value to be spoken of in time to come.

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