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Dileep case: Namitha Pramod says she has no such bank accounts that need to be probed

Dileep case: Namitha Pramod says she has no such bank accounts that need to be probed
Written by Pallavi Parmar

Dileep renowned Malayalam actor arrested for allegedly assaulting a popular Malayalam actress. Although in this case, the investigation team has interrogated many other along with his wife actress Kavya Madhavan. actress Kavya Madhavan. And also the name of actress Namitha Pramod has been dragged into the assaulting case of actor Dileep because she is very close to him. Some media organisations dragged actress Namitha Pramod name in the case of Dileep and said that she is allegedly close to Dileep and involved in the Kochi actress attack case. In reply, Namitha wrote on his Facebook page that she is not a young actress.

Namitha Pramod actress questioning for this case since she was was part of Dileep Show 2017 which performed shows in the US and Canada recently. However, the actress Namitha Pramod played down all rumours surrounding with her Facebook post. She wrote that it is not the new thing for women to get gossip in the film industry. While many women working in the public domain have suffered from such violence at the disadvantages of our society.

She is just ignoring them. And said that she is currently working for the Tenkasi shooting for the Tamil remake of Maheshinte Prathikaram. “I don’t have any bank account which is on the radar of the investigation team. I wish the ones who churn out gossips to try and know the mental state of the victims too,” the actress said in the post. She said that media is making gossip. At last, she said “Yes, they do not have a tongue to say that a co-worker of the media goons has been raped by a colleague. We have started reacting to you and know that there are limits to you but to react to these mafias”.

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