Dileep Case: Mohanlal and Mammootty choose to stay zipped mouth

Dileep Case: Mohanlal and Mammootty choose to stay zipped mouth

The arrest of the superstar Dileep has created a lot of buzz and in the headlines since many days now. The Malayalam film industry have been pricked badly by his arrest leaving them shattered and scared at the same time. The reason being that in the past quarter of a century have been controlled by a few which includes the superstars of the Malayalam industry, Mammootty and Mohanlal who too joined Dileep in the past.  The actor was believed to be such kind of superstar who made control on the industry in a short span of time. He even managed to gain control of the producers and the exhibitors.

His fate stopped supporting him and his downfall came at the time when he overtook his more popular senior actors and colleagues. As Mohanlal and Mammootty have their own production houses, they even cheated on him but in a very smart way that too with some trusted aides. Dileep too had his own strategy and he moved directly without letting anyone taking control over him be it in the field of acting, production or distribution. It was his own approach that helped him to rise on the top  but as it is said that things don’t go as we want. Everything went in vain when he was arrested as a part of conspiracy for kidnaping an actress in February in Kochi. He was also shooting for his upcoming movie Ram Leela which has a budget of Rs 25 crore.

With zipped mouth of both Mohanlal and Mammootty, there is no clear side of Dileep’s arrest. Lets see what happens, till then stay connected with us for all the latest updates!




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