Dhanush’s first international film ‘The Extraordinary Journey of The Fakir’ poster and release date out

Dhanush’s first international film ‘The Extraordinary Journey of The Fakir’ poster and release date out
Written by Shubham Dwivedi

Tamil superstar Dhanush has completed his first international film by the name of ‘The Extraordinary Journey of The Fakir’ which will release on 30 May 2018 in 3 different languages namely English, Hindi and Tamil. Film is directed by Ken Scott and it is based upon a novel by Roman Puertolas called The Extraordinary Journey of the Fakir Who Got Trapped in an Ikea Wardrobe. Film also stars Barkhad Abdi in an important role who has initially played the lead Somalian pirate in Tom Hanks starrer Captain Phillips and got huge acclaim for it.

Plot of the film is about a really poor guy from the streets of Mumbai who does not have an idea of the world outside of his practicality and then he gets taken into this adventure. On his journey he goes to many countries like England, France and Libya in North Africa. Story is essentially about the journey of a kid who grows up to be the man and having life experiences while traveling with different nationalities, cultures and getting to experience a whole different part of world which he otherwise he could not have living in the chawls of Mumbai.

Dhanush has proved it time and again that he is a brilliant actor and he shall do it again. Since France is a big part of film’s culture exploration, it will get a comparatively wider release in that country. Film is produced by Luc Bossi, Adithi Anand and worldwide distribution rights belong to Sony Pictures. Film has a decent budget for an internation project as it is made in $20.8 million which is Dhanush’s biggest budget till date. Genre of the film primarily is adventure comedy and comedy is something Dhanush excels but he will be quite a challenge for him to keep that standard of comic timing or any other emotions in English language.

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