Devrantha Manushya movie review: Worth it for the leads

Devrantha Manushya movie review: Worth it for the leads

Devrantha Manushya, directed by Kiran Shetty and starring Pratham, Shruthi and Vaishnavi Menon is a love story. It is the story of a girl who tries to improve the man she loves, but if that seems to be a boring and outdated concept for a movie that is set in modern India, the leads and the way that the story unfolds will surely make the audiences feel emotions. Both of the lead characters are interesting enough to make the movie watchable, and the leads performing the roles are so charming that they transcend their somewhat stereotypical roles.

Pratham is really good at playing an uncontrollable soul, but he never overdoes it being to the point of seeming to be repulsive and annoying, he imbues the character with his spirit, and the results are often enjoyable. Shruthi, has the most difficult task of making a human of a man whom she loves and could easily be risked to be looked at with pity. But she overcomes all these hurdles with ease and is even more affective in her emotional scenes. These two together make sure that the movie isn’t boring when it seems to go into cliched territory.

Kiran Shetty’s direction is very good, and he has an eye for small details. The script for the movie, Shailesh Raj isn’t very strong, but it does have moments that sparkle with life, or maybe it is just the two very talented actors making the most with what they’re given and coming out triumphed from a project that might easily have become very dry and dull.

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