Devil’s Domain: Have You Ever Made A Deal With Devil?

Devil’s Domain: Have You Ever Made A Deal With Devil?

Devil’s Domain is upcoming horror movie that will bring you to witness another side of the Devil. In Devil’s Domain you will see the story about a girl (Madi Vodane) who makes a deal with the Devil (Linda Bella) to get revenge on her high school cyber bullies. The movie is written and directed by Jared cohn. The star cast Michael Madsen, Madi Vodane, Linda Bella will be playing in the film. 

The story revolves around girl name LISA POMSON, a troubled, social media obsessed teen, conflicted with her sexuality and her parents misunderstanding of her. When Lisa gets secretly filmed binging, purging, and naked the video goes viral and she suffers extreme cyber-bullying.

When lisa feels suicidal and on the edge of insanity, a beautiful, mysterious stranger (the Devil) strikes up an online relationship with her. They grow close and meet and the stranger offers to help in exchange for a favours.

The devil get her rid her of the bullies and gives Lisa fame and fortune in exchange for a baby as a deal, Lisa get agrees to the devil terms and get rid of all the bullies. When all the bullies start to die one by one, Lisa’s conscious kicks in and realise that she regrets making a deal with Devil. As against her revenge she never wanted anyone to die. When she talks to the Devil, the Devil threatens endless suffering and the death of her loved ones until she finally succumbs to give the devil a baby that will grow to lead terror upon the world.

Find it yourself that how the Devil has a trap for Lisa and how Lisa will find her way out from the regretful deal. The movie is scheduled to be in theater on 19th May. Book your tickets to find out the new face of horror.

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