Delhi weather, storm to be expected, the city experiences tremors of Earthquake

Delhi weather, storm to be expected, the city experiences tremors of Earthquake
Written by Abhishek Rana

Delhi is likely to experience bad weather, as the day started with regions of the city clouded over and then progressed as the clouds covered the skies and the winds sped up. The weather was reported to be oscillating between sand storm, that overwhelmed the city yesterday, and exposed to sun and heat during the afternoon. However the city experienced light tremors of earthquake in various regions, and according to the reports, the epicenter seems to be Hindkush Afghanistan. Apart from Delhi, Kashmir’s Rajouri and Poonch also felt the tremors for a few seconds. The reports suggest that the earthquake was felt at 4:15 PM.

People are advised to remain calm during an earthquake, and without panic, vacate the premises, preferably through the stairs. They shouldn’t take the help of lifts in any case, if the electricity is cut, they could be stuck in it for hours. Others are also advised to follow the protocol that has been taught to them, and come out side of the buildings.

They should also remain in an open place, and away from poles or trees, as they could over in case of high frequency tremors. The capital has been experiencing bad weather for days, and the National Meteorlogical department has already issued warning regarding the dust storms, and heavy rains that have been lashing the north Indian regions for a week.

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