Delhi Chief Secretary assault: CCTV footage tempered with?

Delhi Chief Secretary assault: CCTV footage tempered with?

A case has been registered against two MLA’s of Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) of physically assaulting of Delhi chief secretary Anshu Prakash. Delhi police after investigation have come up with a slight hint that the CCTV footage of Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal’s residence is tempered with. The entry and exit timing submitted by the defence tot he court is that Chief Secretary Anshu Prakash entered at around 11:24 pm and left the place by 11:31 pm but earlier police was informed by CM’s advisor VK Jain that Anshu Prakash entered past midnight.

When police presented their point at bail plea hearing of MLA Prakash Jarwal, defence argued that there is certainly a time fault of 40 minutes in the CCTV footage but it is a technical fault and nobody has tempered the footage. Prosecutor also mentioned in the hearing at Tis Hazari court that Prakash Jarwal has a bad history of many cases before this one was filed. It was also said that MLA’s could be under the essence of liquor when the incident happened but the FIR was launched without any medical examination hence it could not be proved.

Arvind Kejriwal is already criticized enough for the lack of better judgement in his ruling at many instances but this is a new low because if the Chief Secretary of Delhi is not exactly safe inside Chief Minister’s residence and can be allegedly beaten up by the MLA’s ruling party than how can a common man possibly consider him/her safe in the capital state. As the case is still going in the session court one can’t officially say if the allegations by Anshu Prakash are absolutely true or not but in any circumstance it is taking a long time and unusual evidences to prove a case in the court which includes some very high profile and official government servants in it.

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