Death Wish movie review: Exciting but problematic

Death Wish movie review: Exciting but problematic
Written by Abhishek Rana

Death Wish, starring Bruce Willis and directed by Eli Roth, is both exciting and deeply problematic. It is the story of man, who, after his wife is murdered, goes on a revenge spree, and uses a lot of guns to accomplish to his task. This is a very complicate situation, since the current atmosphere in USA about the gun killings and the government still adamant to impose any laws to control the purchase of fire arms. The movie, shouldn’t be called mean spirited or bad, but its coming on the worst timing ever, after the tragic and horrific school shooting in Florida.

Still, the movie is exciting for what it is. Its not a very complicated story, and Bruce Willis is comfortable in his character of the avenging but still cool dad. There are some objectionable choices in the movie, again relating to guns, that should have been edited out or not even filmed, like a montage of cleaning guns.

Eli Roth, who has made some good but many ridiculous movies, directs the movie competently, of course, and has a keep sense of pace and dialogues. The movie, if people want to see this, can be entertaining in some moments but there’s always violence lurking in the corner, about to burst shamelessly on-screen without any commentary. It is really up to the audience if they want to see the movie and shrug it off as entertainment or just don’t go because it hits too close to home for now. Bruce Willis is a charismatic actor, and his performance is perfect for the movie, even though his character is not.

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