Death Trailer released: Bruce Willis is back to get revenge

Death Trailer released: Bruce Willis is back to get revenge
Written by Abhishek Rana

Bruce Willis is back to get revenge in the new trailer for the action thriller, Death Wish, directed by horror master Eli Roth. The movie is going to be released on March 2 2018, and the release of the trailer has surely hype the audience for the return of one of the most iconic action heroes of western cinema. The trailer is violent and exhilarating. It seems to be telling the story of a common man and his family, until an intruder upends his life by killing his wife. The man then ventures to get revenge on him, becoming a vigilante and a sensation over night. He also needs to protect his daughter from bad men who seem to have planned the murder of his wife.

The story is very violent indeed, with gunfights, punches and kicks and throwing cars on people, but it is the best thing that Bruce Willis does, which means, defeating the bad people and saving the day. The movie’s release dates looks good and if the movie gets good reviews, it can easily become a success, even though the use of guns in public might be a problematic aspect of the story, especially in America.

But, Bruce Willis seems to be in his element, in the trailer he looks refreshed and fit to kill anyone who gets in his way. The supporting players also provide the much needed comic relief, that is essential for movies that deal with too much violence. Bruce became one of the biggest action stars of Hollywood because of his performance in Die Hard series, which has since then become classics, and he looks to be bringing the same, leading man severity and charm to the big screen again. His fans and the general audience familiar with his work will be delighted to see him in a movie again.

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