Death Note Netflix premiere today, brickbats for whitewashing

Death Note Netflix premiere today, brickbats for whitewashing

Death note is a Japanese anime, which is converted into film and will premiere on Netflix. Ahead of its release Death Note gathered a lot of buzz because Japanese anime is widely popular in the world. It also got its fair share of flack because of Americans trend of whitewashing. Some of the producers in Hollywood have made themselves oblivious to the fact that whitewashing is highly criticized and does not increase collections. Matt Damon’s The Great Wall this year was highly accused of whitewashing Chinese of their story and heroes. Ghost in the Shell starring Scarlett Johanson was the last nail in the coffin of whitewashing.

Makers of Ghost in the Shell took a very popular anime and made it in America with an actress who is 2 steps away from being Ms. America. They even audaciously tried to make her look Japanese but literally everyone has seen Avengers. Japanese are very propaganda driven people, if they like a story or a theme they will do everything that they can. Death Note was a story in a weekly magazine than it become a full comic. It was further made into an anime and later 4 live action movies and also a light novel.

Netflix is doing a trillionth adaptation of this story and trailer was not well received. The core of the plot is that a Japanese intellectual and smart student gets a diary through which you can kill anyone by writing their name on it. More than just drama, it is edgy and thrilling which is the most important selling point of the story. Now, Netflix has a white protagonist which will affect the rest of the plot as well. Show premieres on 25 August, 2017.

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