Dear Maya: Manisha Koirala’s courageous comeback

Dear Maya: Manisha Koirala’s courageous comeback

Manisha Koirala, the actress who suffered from a deadly disease few years back made her comeback in the movies with excellent courage and determination. Manisha Koirala has been the queen of hearts for many years now. She did many successful films like Mann, Bombay, Dil se and many more. Manisha proved her talent in many films earlier. Now that the actor is set to make her big comeback to films post her battle with cancer, everyone is eager to see her on the big screen as soon as possible.

The movie Dear Maya revolves around two 16-year-old girls who play a prank on an older lady who has been hiding in her house for 20 years. The woman is Maya. These two girls are obsessed by her and they want to know the mystery around her. So, they keep an eye on the lady. These girls pretend to be someone that they are not. They write love letters to Manisha. As a joke they say that they are in love with her, and Maya starts taking them seriously.

In her personal life also she is lonely. She got married in 2010 but got divorced within 2 years of her marriage. According to her, she was very dreamy about her married. So she married in much of her hurry. But after her marriage she realized that she was not meant for it.There is no fault from other side, the fault is mine. However, in real life she is not keen on getting into a relationship. No, because at this point she is content with her life and her work.

Manisha Koirala comeback

If we look at the trailer of the movie, then we could see the trauma she is going through of being lonely for so many years. According to Manisha,“In the film, the character of Mayadevi appeared dead. She was dark but then there is the sparkle in her eyes, there is the ray of hope for love, she starts transforming and changing and that is what is portrayed through the character and it’s all true in real life as well.

The director of the film Sunaina Bhatnagar seems to be very impressed with the actress. Manisha Koirala’s will power and her positive attitude towards life. Sunaina said that a strong women was required for the film Dear Maya and she does not know anyone more stronger than Manisha Koirala. Moreover, she has always done more intriguing roles. And the film required someone who is glamorous and talented at the same time.

Manisha’s role in the movie is extremely strange and that the reason she seems very excited regarding the movie. “I haven’t done a role like this before, so I was kicked about doing it. But to get into the skin of the character and to emote the emotions was a bit difficult,” she says. There is a lot of expectation from her in context to the movie. The movie is set to release on 2nd June, 2017.

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