Deadpool 2 Hindi trailer has basically re-written the film and not funny!!

Deadpool 2 Hindi trailer has basically re-written the film and not funny!!
Written by Shubham Dwivedi

Operating on a cancer patient is a hard job because a human life is at stake or building an ungodly infrastructure can give someone sleepless nights but translating Deadpool humor in Hindi comes with it’s own set of possibilities. Ryan Reynolds is a decent comedian himself and does a lot of American culture specific humor in improvisation now to give it a Hindi tone and figure out a way to make it look as authentic as it gets is a craft that nobody has mastered as of yet.

Almost every major Hollywood comes in here for a wide release after getting dubbed in Hindi or other regional languages such as Tamil and Telugu to reach wider number of audience but it might not be necessary in coming future because English language has pretty much taken over Hindi for young metropolitans. IMAX has increased number of theaters in India substantially over a period of 3 years and they run housefull shows with Hollywood films in English language. Despite of having dubbed versions people prefer to see the film in a language it was originally made because a culture gets digressed otherwise.

Hollywood studios are looking to expand their market in a country like India because it has a huge population which should come in use like China and be developed further to pick up strong box office bank. Indian film industry is already very flourished and is more global than China in terms of content created but since the economy is not being able to hold up to the western part of the world entertainment sector is not growing much in numbers in relation to America. India produces more number of films in an year than any other country in the world with it’s own very unique narrative style where rest of the world has mostly bowed down to Hollywood.


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