Dead Awake movie review: Frightening Sleep Paralysis

Dead Awake movie review: Frightening Sleep Paralysis
Written by Karu Cheema

Dead Awake a paralyzing horror flick from the creator of Final Destination on sleep paralysis. Dead Awake movie stars Jocelin Donahue (kate) as a social worker who investigates on a series of deaths. Each victims have been suffering from sleep paralysis which involved unusual and extremely terrifying experiences. Sleep paralysis is a paralyzed state which can be a frightening experience, when you realize that you can’t move your legs or arms. You can’t even call for help as you can’t speak or move your lips.

Dr. Sykes (Lori Petty) convinces her that sleep paralysis is completely harmless. But soon, she is approached by Hassan Davies (Jesse Borrego) who convinces her about an evil spirit haunting people in sleep paralysis. As Kate and her families belief of the dark evil force strengthened, she finds herself and her loved ones surrounded in a world of supernatural terror. Similar to Final Destination in the movie the characters are picked one by one. Now, Kate must fight to stay awake and find the truth to stop the nightmare she had released.

The sleep paralysis sequences are frightening and the idea of being a prisoner in your own bed is petrifying. The bath tub scene will surely make you terror-stricken. Jocelin Donahue has proved her acting skills once again in her dual role as Beth and Kate. Over all the movie turns out be a creepy horror flick which will leave you terrified at the end. 

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Dead Awake movie is set to release in India on 26th May. Go watch in a cinema near you.

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