Darshakudu movie review : Exaggerated direction overlaps the story

Darshakudu movie review : Exaggerated direction overlaps the story

Darshakudu is a Telugu film directed by Jakka Hari Prasad. Darshakudu is the story of a man who is immensely obsessed with films and channelizes his passion into making them. Mahesh (Ashok) as a child would be fascinated by what goes inside the giant 70 mm screen and later started to consider that as his career. Everybody around him tried to explain that this much madness for anything leads to destruction but his father told him madness is the only key to achieve the impossible. As the narrative moves forward, we see that Mahesh has become a film director and because of his hunger towards the work he is completely restless as a leader.

Mahesh meets a costume designer by the name of Namrata (Eesha Rebba) and they both fall in love despite the fact that they can’t agree upon anything. On the topic of preferring personal life over work, Mahesh would not even blink an eye before inclining towards his film. Rest of the story moves as they discover a middle ground to maintain work and professional life in their relationship. Script of the film is schizophrenic as the film that Mahesh is making in the film is also called Darshakudu. Screenplay is flawed yet engaging, seems as though the makers really struggled between narrating a genuine story and adapting Telugu stereotypes.

Hari Prasad’s fascination of a film set translates well with in Mahesh but it would have been more realistic if they could have lived with less comedic attempts. Probably its the audience which pushes film-makers to take unnecessary steps in order to make their film more COMMERCIAL or the slap is other way around. With more honesty and integrity towards the story Darshakudu could have been a real piece of storytelling but in the harsh race of spoon feeding the audience the film loses its base. Darshakudu is an one eyed amongst the blinds this week, make it your option. Take it one Friday at a time!!

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