Daler Mehndi sentenced to 2 years in prison for human trafficking

Daler Mehndi sentenced to 2 years in prison for human trafficking

Punjabi popular singer, Daler Mehndi has been sentenced to 2 years in prison, after being convicted of Human trafficking by a Delhi court today. Daler and his brother Shamsher Singh, allegedly illegally sent people abroad on the pretense that they’r the members of their singing troupe. But, they actually demanded a lot of money for these services. 10 people who had disguised themselves as his troupe members had taken trips to United States, in between 1998 and 1999, when they were dropped off there, which is an illegal practice. According to some reports, Mehndi had traveled to United States with an actress and had illegally dropped two girls in San Francisco.

More than 35 complaints had been filed against the two brothers in the Patiala court for allegedly defrauding the people whom they  promised to take to the United States, but had not carried out on their promises.

The Patiala police, after raiding Deler Mehndi’s office in Connaught place, found out documents that cleared the suspense, and indicated that the singer had recieved money for the passage of the people who had complained to the court. The social media was shocked after the news, as Daler has always been a favorite singer of many, and has delivered some classic songs that have become classics and are still played in parties. Daler has said that he is going to approach the sessions court and see if what they can do.

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