Dalapathi movie review: Bunch of innate nonsense

Dalapathi movie review: Bunch of innate nonsense
Written by Shubham Dwivedi

Human Beings have done some activities since the beginning of time that are rather unfathomable by the rest of the race though makers of this film went a little too ahead. It is quite a task to measure the consequence of one’s action in the larger scheme of things for instance when a driver decides to sleep less the night before he looses all sense of driving because of extremely calm nervous system. As the driver goes to the road, he hits a woman and that woman is in incharge of two kids but now she is dead and the kids are orphan for the rest of their lives. Above example was an analogy of how small things affect in the larger part but makers of this film do not understand that as they caused a dent in cinema.

Some young enthusiastic kid going to watch this film will be get depressed by the entire art form of cinema and might chose to not reflect upon it in the future though he very well could have became India’s answer to Christopher Nolan but Dalapathi destroyed the dream completely and made sure that cinema in India never grows.

South Indian film industry is trying to break away from the stereotypical narration of action but director Prashant Raj decided to go against it and ridicule every bit of the screen which has showcased some of the most influential work in the form of cinema. Some people should not be made aware that there exists an invention called camera or else they will use the money to buy it and come up with such pathetic films. If this was the first film ever made in India cinema and an entire industry would never exist in this country because audience would appall the notion of cinema. No one should watch this film at all, whatsoever.

Dalapathi movie review

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