Daivame Kathozham K Kumarakanam movie review: A very good story and well rounded characters

Daivame Kathozham K Kumarakanam movie review: A very good story and well rounded characters
Written by Abhishek Rana

Daivame Kathozham K Kumarakanam, directed by the national award winning actor, Salim Kumar, and starring, Jayaram and Anusree is family comedy drama that is about the daily struggles of a family and how they try to resolve their differences. It is a very good movie with some amazing performances and character moments from the leads at least. It also benefits from beign very funny, even if the humor can sometimes seem a little forced. Th movie is colorfully directed and the cinematography is colorful and dynamic. But still, it doesn’t lose the focus of the charavters and they are never drowned in favor of beautiful compositions.

The movie has a simple story line but it makes important points abut the relationship between the characters, who might not seem very well versed with each other’s behavior at first but the movie slowly makes the story and the characters more deeper and sensitive than they might appear to be.

Jayaram and Anusree are very good in their respective roles, and there is never a doubt in the minds of the audience that these are two actors who are playing the roles and reading their scripts. The best direction is given by the director, but it is the actors’ responsibility to make the characters feel real to the audience. The music is very good, if not distracting. People will really like the movie because even if it doesn’t feature many flashes of other Indian works, it is still honest and always insightful about the human nature. It should be given a chance, and people should go to watch it with their families or friends.

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