Daddy’s Home 2 movie review: American’s another comedic and sarcastic drama

Daddy’s Home 2 movie review: American’s another comedic and sarcastic drama
Written by Pallavi Parmar

Daddy’s Home 2 is American comedy movie that promises to make you laugh till the end. It is the sequel to 2015 blockbuster Daddy’s Home movie. It stars John Cena, John Lithgow, Linda Cardellini, Mark Wahlberg, Mel Gibson and Mark Wahlberg. This comedy sequel directed and written by Sean Anders while produced under the banner of Gary Sanchez Productions. The movie’s plot has set behind the Will Ferrell and Mark Wahlberg who again came together to test their fathers in the Christmas Holidays. It is full of entertainment and good punches of comedy that makes the audiences crazy.

Daddy’s Home 2 story review: The starts off with the end of the first sequel. In this sequel, the Brad Whittaker who plays the role of Will Ferrell and Dusty Mayron as Mark Wahlberg have decided to call their father’s together for the Christmas holidays. It is blended with a lot of entertainment, interesting twists and comedy. The Daddy’s Home 2 is the story of the complicated family where Megan and Dylan who are Dusty’s biological children but live with their mother Sara along with the stepdad Brad. The role of Dusty played by Linda Cardellini who get married to Karen who has become stepfather to her daughter Adrianna. This complicated family later on jumbled when Brad’s and Dusty’s fathers decided to visit the family for Christmas.

The story moves further with the amusing incidents and the comedy that put Brad in the bad light in front of family. It is an entertaining and exciting movie which is ensembled with the talented cast who gave their powerpack performances to make it more quirky and comedic. It promises entertainment throughout the end with its sarcastic comments of the family members and the comedic roles of fathers. Daddy’s Home 2 is best entertainment drama to make everyone laugh on this Christmas season.

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