Sultan movie release confirmed in China this year, Salman Khan starrer expected to replicate Dangal’s success

Sultan movie release confirmed in China this year, Salman Khan starrer expected to replicate Dangal’s success
Written by Shruti Bhatt

This weekend has been quite big for Salman Khan as it is. With Tubelight releasing to some 5500 movie theaters around the globe, Salman has already a lot on his platter. This is the biggest ever global release for a Bollywood film, and the film has garnered overall good reviews so far. The film which was released in UAE earlier than the rest of the world, has performed brilliantly grossing around 6.6 crore on its first day. In India as well the film is expected to do good, however it can not be yet said if it would be as big a success as his last Sultan.

And Sultan is what might add to the already full platter of Bhai as he is fondly known by his fans. The film recently took home one of the biggest honors from a reputed international stage – the popular Shanghai International Film Festival. The film was awarded Jackie Chan Award for Best Action Movie. This win has made sure that the film and its star, Salman Khan, are both now ready to set their foot in the increasingly profitable Chinese market. As is evident with Dangal and PK, Bollywood’s another big Khan, Aamir’s, last two releases in China, the audience there has received Indian movies quite well. Dangal has collected a whopping 1212 crore from China since its release there in May. It’s being expected that more movies from Indian makers will do increasingly exceptional on the other side of Indo-Sino Border. And no one can raise any doubt about the money tapping potential of Bhai. Given his releases over the past few years, Salman has given one blockbuster after another, breaking the collection records and setting some new.

Amidst all this, today came a tweet from Taran Adarsh, a well known box-office analyst, that Salman Khan’s Sultan has been cleared to release in theaters in China later this year. Now, no dates or confirmation have come yet from the producers or Salman himself, but we tame this for granted that the film is going to get released in China in near future. And when, that happens, Salman might have to look for a bigger platter. We know that Salman is not as famous or known in China yet as Aamir is, but then who can deny the appeal the Superstar has. And even if Sultan happens to do only average business in China, it would be enough to push the movie up on the highest grossers list of all time in Bollywood. Now, we are waiting for the day the film releases in China and the fame it will bring Sallu Bhai’s way. Salman, we are sure on the other hand has pressing matters to deal with.

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