Comrade movie review: A Bengali movie based on an poigant topic

Comrade movie review: A Bengali movie based on an poigant topic

Comrade which means friend has been directed by Bengal, politician-turned-director Shankudeb Panda and the movie is based on Nandigram and Singurland stir. The movie marks the presence of the veteran actor Kharaj Mukherjee and also give us the glimpse of those incidents where the audience will be witnessing the police firing, lobbing of tear gas and many other things alive. The cast of the movie includes Ena Saha, Mainak Banerjee and Moubani Sorcar.

The movie revolves around the incidents which took place in the time period of 2006 to 2007. The incident is known to shook the nation completely. A new revolution, comprising peasants and villagers began in the name of industrialisation. The government also decided that villagers must give up their land for constructing a factory. That’s when the party workers started to convince the farmers that they should give up their land with the promise of providing them with a job. Later in the movement, Supreme court orders that now the land acquisition must be stopped.The movie shows the massive rage of the people and also the struggles being faced by the people in that period. “Singurand Nandigram are milestones in West Bengal’s political history, it gave a new direction to the country’s land movement.

The movie has been directed by Shankudeb Pandey who did a great job by making this movie on such a sensitive topic where people suffered a lot. With the music of Surojit Chatterjee, the music makes an entry in the list of a must watch movies.


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