Coco movie review: A beautifully dark and heartwarming tale

Coco movie review: A beautifully dark and heartwarming tale

Coco is a beautifully dark and heartwarming tale, of a 12 year old boy Miguel who uncovers an old mystery that leads him to an unexpected family reunion. And even though the story is full of darkness, it is handled in the same, delightful manner that has become Disney-Pixar’s trademark. The sound effects, because the movie is so much influenced by music and Miguels cute little guitar, are ravishing. The story takes places in the land of the dead, but it couldn’t be as gorgeously realized as in Coco, with every colour popping and bursting onto the screen with crackle. There are jokes and banter, great escapes, and finally, as promised, lots of happy and sad tears.

Coco is also an example of diversifying the animated movies to include a mexico kid and it does it without feeling as a mere tokenism exercise. The song from the movie, “Remember Me” is a shoo in for the Oscar for best original song, and will surely deserve it.

The movie frankly deals with the themes of death, acceptance, family values and career, but never lets you forget that it isn’t real, even as it is more truthful in its tale telling than even the most mature artists.


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