Chiyaan Vikram to start his mega film ‘Mahavir Karna’ in Hindi

Chiyaan Vikram to start his mega film ‘Mahavir Karna’ in Hindi
Written by Shubham Dwivedi

Tamil superstar Chiyaan Vikram will star in a mega 300 crore production of Mahavir Karna. Karan was a very important and perhaps the most complex character in Mahabharata and to make a film on him is like making Mahabharata but from a point of view and taking Karna as the lead character. This film will be shot in Hindi but it will release in Multiple Languages around India and world. This will be the biggest budget of Chiyaan Vikram’s career which includes Shankar’s ‘I’. No Hindi superstar has worked on this kind of budget before and it’s always the South Indian film industry pushing the boundaries.

Baahubali, a Telugu film is the biggest budget of all time but when it comes to one single film it is Rajinikanth;s 2.0 which is under post production now. Chiyaan Vikram has not done a Hindi film before and in North Indian market who is known for the Hindi dubbed version of his film Aparichit which was released many years ago. A 300 crore production budget is bound to expand by the time release and marketing kicks in and Vikram is not a Pan-India actor hence the content of the film has to be a masterpiece for it to work.

Shooting of this film will start in October 2018 and the release date of the film is expected to be somewhere around December 2019. A film of that magnitude will need all the screens it can possibly get and Holiday calendar is usually busy. Film will be directed by R.S. Vimal and rest of the star cast and crew has not been roped in yet. It could be called as a complicated decision to make a historical in India as Padmavati is still not able to find the release, which is based on a queen that might be mythical. Karan was a real character for those who are religious and that’s a lot of people in the country, one’s hope is that this film should not meet the fate of Padmavati.

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