Chinese man paralyzed after a 20 hour gaming session

Chinese man paralyzed after a 20 hour gaming session

A young Chinese man (identity not revealed) had a paralysis attack when he realized that he could not feel the entire lower half of his body after playing a game in a cyber cafe for 20 hours straight without any stoppage. Man entered the cafe on Saturday and saw the daylight again on Sunday afternoon when he was taken to the hospital. This incident happened in Jiaxing, Zhejiang Province and the addicted gamer is till being treated in the hospital to recover from the activity though lines are blurred on the recovery front.

Sitting in a computer cafe is a sheer sign of serious video game addiction otherwise known as digital heroine. When the man realized that his situation is critical he called up his friends asking them for an ambulance and he was being taken away to the hospital he begged his friend to complete the game not leave it unfinished after all the hardwork and energy being put in it. Gaming is certainly an addiction recognized by many countries in the world, China being the first of them. In 2008 China alerted that it’s people are suffering from gaming addictions/digital heroine and are experiencing adverse psychological affects.

China has an estimated 565 million gamers which is more than the population of most countries in the world, a list that China leads. China is no just game playing market but one of the very few who have gaming industries in the world where they produce high functioning sophisticated games. People have lost the good side of their mental balance in this addiction and have also committed suicides in the frustration of it. United States of America has young boys and girls but mostly boys who suffer from gaming addiction and psychiatrists have actually figured out a procedure which acts as a cure for such cases.

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