Chhaya O Chhobi review: A Bengali movie with some lessons to learn from

Chhaya O Chhobi review: A Bengali movie with some lessons to learn from

Chhaya O Chhobi reviewChhaya O Chhobi is a Bengali movie which means ‘Shadow and the picture’  which indirectly means Shadow and the real picture are always different. The movie features Koel Mullick and Abir Chatterjee in the lead roles and has been directed by Kaushik Ganguly who is famous for his extraordinary movie concepts he comes with everytime.

Chhaya O Chhobi revolves around the story of a film actress which is being played by Koel Mullick who never showed her real face behind her stardom life. She was the queen of the industry filled with beauty and passion at the same time. The director of her movie tries to explain her about life and what’s the difference between life and cinema. She says that Life is a ‘Life is little melodramatic than cinema’ and this proves to be true in her real life when she meets Abir Chatterjee who plays the role opposite Koel in the movie. Abir makes her understand that she should have complete respect towards the industry she is working in. With the conflict between the both, there is a love that is hidden behind and Abir confesses his love and the way she is in real life instead from reel life, he loves that Ria(Koel). That’s when she understand the real meaning and the consequences that the actors have to face behind that stardom in their lives.

The concept of the movie Chhaya O Chhobi has been brought beautifully to the audience with excellent locations used in the movie. The movie starts with the sound of a train which itself brings a feel and the view of beautiful mountains adds to the beautification of the movie. There are in total three songs and all the songs are good and melodious and the credit goes to the Indradeep Dasgupta. Altogether the movie is good and can be called a one time watch for all.

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