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Chef movie Trailer Review : Saif Ali Khan on a unforgettable ride

Chef, starring Saif Ali Khan, Padmapriya Menon and directed by Raja Krishna Menon has been anticipated for quite some time, and the arrival of a new, second trailer has made it seem even more interesting and well-acted as it promised in the initial trailer. The movie is scheduled to be released on 6th October and has been praised for its cast members’ chemistry and the cinematography.

The movie, a remake of the American movie of the same name, follows a man named Roshan Kaira, living abroad, who tries to reconnect with his son, by quitting his job as a chef, travelling back to India and setting food shop in a van.

The trailer uses Saif Ali Khan’s narration to guide us through his character’s life and maps out his emotionally detached relationship with his son and wife, then coming to terms with lost opportunities in life. After his wife realizes that he’s unhappy, she coerces’ him to travel to India, since he must find his passion in life, and that not everyone gets an opportunity to do things again.

The trailer then flashes to the Indian settings, employing colorful vignette of coconut trees and sunset against the back ground of Tamil Nadu, while the cast delightfully interacts with each other, and boards the blue van that’ll take them for an unforgettable ride.

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