Chef movie Review: Hindi movie rediscovering the bond between son and father

Chef movie Review: Hindi movie rediscovering the bond between son and father
Written by Shilpi Gupta

Saif Ali Khan seems to be struggling to create a new niche for himself. Talking about the Chef, a mixed bag Raja Krishna Menon, Chef is an official remake of Jon Favreau’s film, having the same name. With the good response of the trailer now film is also waiting for its performance. Raja Krishna Memon and Saif Ali Khan are expecting for good amount of audience with good reviews for their film. This film is about a life of the chef who living abroad quit his job to reconnect with his son and family and restart and maintain his personal and professional life together with food van.

Saif Ali Khan and Padmapriya Menon are in the main role as a father and son relation. Raghu Dixit and amaal malik are music director of the film and movie is mixture comedy and drama.

Story of Chef movie

Saif Ali Khan is named as Roshan in chef, who struggled a lot to get his passion, his job of chef. During his college time, he falls in love with a girl and follows various romantic ideas to impress her and then get married with that girl. Turn came in his life when he got job in abroad. He leaves his father and went to abroad to get settled over there with his new job. But things became complicated when he was involved too much in his passion and not giving time to his wife. Her wife left him and come back to India. Passing of time he realized his mistake and try to reconnect with his son and came to him. Now again he starts struggling to get his family, love and his passion together.

It’s a Story of rediscovery the bond between son and father.

Watch out chef at a theater near you from 6th October 2017

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