Chamak movie review: A disease of a film which needs help, now!!

Chamak movie review: A disease of a film which needs help, now!!

Chamak, more than a film is a statement on how absolutely regressive and addle-minded some people are in this country when it comes to creating art. Talk about living in a well, director, producer and cast of this film must have no idea beyond their sad Truman show that a world outside of their pathetic film exists and that people might have opinions or brain in general. It is fascinating what people must think when they create a piece of audio/video footage like such and they convince themselves that this might actually be something that people will appreciate.

Hindi cinema stopped making films like that in 1999, European film industry must have never thought of it and Hollywood would have shut itself down in before the start of great depression. The fundamental question arises is that why these films or this one exists in the first place, why would somebody in whatever time zone will think of making it or people liking it. Every thing about this film stinks of cowardly behavior and sheer nonsensical ideas which are not worth a penny even in the post-apocalyptic world. Crew of the film has no clue that they are making an actual film which will be seen by people and if they are doing it even after being aware than all they did is took unemployment off the street for some people.

There is no angle or version of this hilarious boisterous buffoonery of logic or just common sense to be implemented in any sort of work. World has moved on to and from film festivals and prestigious walk of fames for fabulous contributions in the world of art but the makers of this film are still trying to find their broken time machine in 14th century in order to realise that fire has been discovered and world is bigger then your own tribe. It is pretty clear by now, there is no point of thinking about watching this film.

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